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Ministering to Military Women: Biblical Help & Hope

Are you aware of the unique joys and challenges that military women face? Do you have an accurate understanding of her context so that you can give wise and compassionate counsel? Whether a woman wears the uniform herself or she sacrificially serves on the home front as a military spouse, you can learn to lovingly extend biblical help and hope to her. Use this resource to discover the blessings and challenges associated with military life. Learn from firsthand interviews and survey results of military women as they share about the temptations and sins inherent in their context. Glean biblical and theological solutions to the problems these women present. Use the outlines and resources to minister to these women so that they can glorify God and impact the military culture in eternal ways. This book is written for military women themselves as well as those who want to faithfully come alongside them with soul-strengthening, gospel-gazing, hope-stirring, joy-inducing truth from God’s Word.

About the Book

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Association of Certified Biblical Counselors provides a “find a certified counselor” search map. Search by location, or if a counselor is too far from you physically, search for those who will consult via Skype.

Heart2Heart Counseling Directory for women. Find a female certified biblical counselor by location or by specialty.

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Seminar (Audio)

We are pleased to offer you free audio downloads from a few seminars that feature Aurelia:


Military Transitions Learned - Webinar & Live Q&A Caleb Challenge (10 March 2020)


The Battle for the Mind: God's Gracious Provision in Philippians 4:4-9 (Oct 2018)


From Sinful Fear to Godly Fear (Rocky Bayou Baptist Church, Sept 2016)


Military Marriages Under Fire (ACBC Conference, 2013)


Separate, But One in Spirit (ACBC Conference, 2013)

Seminar Audio

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A blog dedicated to providing biblical solutions to life's problems for women in the military context.

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Click Here To Download - "On the Threshold of Opportunity: Mirroring Christ in Your Career" by Aurelia Smith

"On the Threshold of Opportunity: Mirroring Christ in Your Career by Aurelia Smith was originally published in the June 2014 issue of Command magazine, Vol. 63 No. 2, by Officers’ Christian Fellowship of the United States of America, Englewood, Colorado. Reprinted/used with permission. For information on OCF:

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